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Overall highest/lowest scoring criteria
Wider Criteria Platform Criteria Score
Accessibility Website Links to other relevant government websites 27
Services Website Property Tax payment 25
Transparency Website About City 25
Accessibility Website Departments Tab 24
Services Website Grievance redressal system 24
Services Website Alerts 24
Accessibility Mobile App Search Box 2
Services Mobile App Online hoarding/banner permissions 2
Services Mobile App Festival related permissions 2
Services Mobile App Contractor / vendor registration 2
Services Mobile App Nearby Parking 2
Services Mobile App Nearby hospital 2
Services Mobile App Nearby police station 2
Transparency Mobile App List of hospitals/clinics/medical facilities 2
Transparency Mobile App List of Schools 2
Accessibility Website Audio commands 1
Services Mobile App Tree Cutting permission 1
Services Mobile App Pet license 1
Services Mobile App Shop & establishments 1
Services Mobile App Online RTI (Right to Information) application 1
Services Mobile App Nearby toilet 1
Transparency Website Budget available in Excel format 1
Transparency Mobile App Organisation Chart 1
Transparency Mobile App Ongoing projects/works 1
Accessibility Mobile App Chat bot 0
Accessibility Mobile App Audio commands 0
Accessibility Mobile App Option to view the website in multiple colours 0
Services Mobile App Nearby dustbin/waste collection center 0

* Data considered till 31-12-2023